Chelsey Liebman, born in 1993 in Bayside, NY, began her designing career by a simple child activity. Diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes in 2001, Chelsey could not go to sleepover summer camp like all the other young girls, but instead of feeling sorry for herself she allowed her creative side to develop. Never thinking her designing would be her career, she just loved being creative. At the age of eight, Chelsey started with a little box filled with flip flops and bandanas and customized them. She created unique flip flops with an edge by tying strips of bandanas around them. She sold them to her friends, family members, and at the pool club. Chelsey’s mother, Korey, was her greatest supporter, with trips to Old Navy and Michael’s for supplies.

Chelsey was not just content with flip-flops. “Soffee Shorts” were the rage; however, they were dull with a small emblem on the bottom. Chelsey thought about making the shorts more creative by creating images from the web and printing them on transfer paper to add the “cool effect” to the shorts. Since she could not indulge in the standard sweet snacks, Chelsey found images of items like cookie and candy packaging and used those images for the shorts as well. Chelsey had the “cool factor.”

Chelsey’s “cool factor “continued to grow when she created one of her first handbags and posted it on her personal Instagram account. Someone saw the bag and contacted Chelsey to purchase it. Her designing career was official. Chelsey’s designs are handmade and unique because no two products are exactly alike. Sometimes the piece comes together because of the patch or design she chooses and determines what article will showcase the design best. Chelsey’s first Etsy site in 2016 was The Total Patches because the designs were created with patches; however, soon she realized designing was about changing and growing, and that is how Chelsey Paige Designs was born.

Chelsey’s design business has become recognized by retailers such as Lester’s and small boutiques throughout New York. Customers took pictures of her designs and showed them to their favorite stores, who later contacted Chelsey directly.

“Timing is everything,” according to Chelsey. For the retail business, they are always a season ahead, and Chelsey has to keep up with the demand. Chelsey Paige Designs is a family business; mother Korey helps with all of the back office work, and still has those trips to Michael’s when needed. Today, Chelsey Paige Designs has expanded into hats, shirts, tops, and handbags, for women, teens, and children.

Chelsey is amazed that so many people have recognized her designs; however, she is extremely humble and honored when she sees someone wearing her designs. “It has been an amazing experience and am I so happy my passion has become my career,” says Chelsey.

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